Connecting buyers with Perth properties

Buying a property can be stressful, but it doesn't need to be! 

Choose two industry professionals who have been there and done that!

David and  Simon have enjoyed success and longevity in the Real Estate industry due to their knowledge, experience, empathy and negotiation skills. 

David Snell

Buying Agent

David has enjoyed success and longevity in the real estate industry since 1994, having owned and operated several successful real estate offices. His extensive understanding of the Perth property market means he knows the difference between a good deal and a GREAT deal.

0400 827 800

Simon Neilson

Buying Agent

Simon has over three decades of hands-on experience in real estate, encompassing buying, investing, sub-dividing, renovating, and selling properties. He states, “I’m not a ‘Hotspot’ forecaster or an off-the-plan spruiker and I don’t have a cozy relationship with a builder… I’m here to find and secure a property that meets my client’s specific requirements.”

0497 333 000

Curious about the benefits of a Buyer's Agent?

When it comes to selling your house, you entrust the services of a Real Estate Selling Agent who acts in your best interests. Likewise, when you want to purchase property, you can enlist the expertise of a Buyer's Agent.Just like a Seller's Agent prioritises the seller's interests, a Buyer's Agent tirelessly champions your real estate needs and desires. What's important to note is that a Buyer's Agent is compensated by the buyer, eliminating any potential conflicts of interest.

So, why might you want a Buyer's Agent in your corner?

Are you too busy or unfamiliar with Perth?

Perhaps your work schedule leaves little time to scour listings, or you’re new to Perth and need guidance in navigating the local neighborhoods. A Buyer’s Agent can simplify the home-buying journey, making it less stressful for you. 

Would you like to get a jump on the competition? 

We have insider access to off-market listings, thanks to our strong connections with local selling agents. Plus, we’re not afraid to hit the streets to uncover that perfect property you’ve been dreaming of. 

Do you need someone to look after your best interest? 

When we identify a property that aligns with your specific requirements, we step into action. We negotiate with the seller’s agent (or directly with the seller if it’s an off-market gem) to secure the best price and conditions that suit your circumstances. 

Once the property is secured, we can arrange for qualified building and pest inspections and recommend a trusted settlement agent. 

In a competitive market where home viewings are packed and housing options are limited, engaging a Buyer’s Agent is a savvy move. The fees you pay can often be offset by the savings we secure in the purchase price, not to mention the time and stress we spare you. It’s truly a win-win situation! 

What will it cost?

Level 1

  • Assist and guide you through the Offer and Acceptance.
  • Oversee the contract prior to placing an offer (you locate your desired property and want to proceed with making an Offer).
  • No charge to existing clients currently selling with One Agency North.

Level 2

  • You locate several preferred properties to purchase.
  • Buying Perth Real Estate researches these properties to assess desirability, communicates and negotiates the Offer and Acceptance contract with the listing sales representative as your nominated Buyer’s Agent.
  • As YOUR Buyer’s Agent, our aim is to ensure you secure your desired property at the best price possible, using our professional negotiation skills on your behalf. We can testify that clients have saved many thousands of $$$ in the negotiation process over and above our small fee!
  • Buying Perth Real Estate oversees the whole process including building reports and pre-settlement inspections, prior to the settlement day.

Level 3

  • Buying Perth Real Estate researches or “hunts for” on and off-market listings, scouts possibilities in advance, shortlists and makes recommendations for your consideration,
  • We communicate and negotiate the Offer and Acceptance contract with the listing sales representative as your Buyer’s Agent.
  • Buying Perth Real Estate oversees the whole process including building reports and pre-settlement inspections, prior to the settlement day.

If you’re considering Buying Perth Real Estate, you’re in the right place. Working solely with buyers as a buying agent, we match you up with ideal properties across Perth, according to your requirements.

Combining experience with understanding

Determined to fulfill your brief, David and Simon are equipped with many years of extensive knowledge of the Perth property market.

Buying property can seem stressful – but with David and Simon by your side you can be sure of a seamless, stress-free experience.

We can help you with:


When it comes to sourcing a property for you, we consider the purpose of the property, your desires and requirements.


We all know location plays a key role in property buying, so we help you determine the best location for your needs.


For many people, negotiating isn’t their strong point, so we take the pressure off and secure the lowest possible purchase price for you.

We also offer a range of independent services specific to your requirements.

It’s all about you.

Buying Perth Real Estate represents you, the buyer, throughout the entire property buying process.

We help you find, negotiate and secure your ideal property, saving you time, money, and stress.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a family home, investment property, commercial property, development or other type, we can help find the perfect one for you.

I would highly recommend Buying Perth Real Estate - in face, I already have to a friend!
Deciding to use Buying Perth Real Estate was money well spent. My expertise is not in real-estate, and it is all too easy to buy with the heart. I have now bought with confidence and saved your fee many times over in time and money.

- Brett & Sue
I would thoroghly recommend Buying Perth Real Estate as a trustworthy, highly knowledgeable agent, who can find your new home.
They continued to be in contact through the whole process, and we knew we had someone with vast knowledge of Perth real estate.

- Kim Daymond
It wasn't until we met with Buying Perth Real Estate that we knew what a brilliant agent should be doing!
Buying Perth Real Estate took us through our now new home, the night before the offical home open. My husband and I know immediately; it was "the one!".

- Aisling & Brad

Ready to find your Perth property?

Our small team of professional buying agents have over 50 years’ experience as buying agents and real estate agents and would love to discuss your requirements with you.