What is a buyer’s agent?

A buyer’s agent is someone who represents a buyer in the property purchase process. Acting on your behalf, your dedicated agent will research, find, evaluate and negotiate a property for you to purchase. They can even attend and bid in an auction for you, too.

What services can a buyer’s agent provide?

In addition to the full service, a buyer’s agent can provide independent services depending on your specific needs. Whether it’s location or property selection, negotiation only, auction bidding only, assisting with group purchase projects or anything else, buyer’s agents can help with almost every aspect of the property buying process.

How does a buyer’s agent add value?

A buyer’s agent adds value by saving you money on the cost of your purchase. Because they possess extensive knowledge of the market and professional negotiation skills, they can negotiate the lowest possible price of your property, as well as outline the terms of sale in the contract to best suit your situation. Additionally, a buyer’s agent has access to off-market properties which can often mean a lower purchase price is achieved.

What’s an “off-market” property?

Buyer’s agents often gain access to the ‘nondisclosed market’, or off-market property. Approximately 10% of properties sold are off-market sales – properties not publicly listed because the seller doesn’t want the sale of their property to be publicly known. Reasons can range from marriage breakdowns or financial problems, to avoiding real estate agency selling fees. Sometimes sellers directly approach a buyer’s agency rather than a selling agent, to avoid their property being publicly listed.

What are the fees to use a buyer’s agent?

No two buyers and their needs are the same, and our fees reflect that. Our service fee varies depending on the complexity of the task required.

Some clients have a very specific brief, requesting a property on a particular street or in one building. These situations can obviously take a lot longer to achieve and are much more precise, therefore the costs are higher than other assignments.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we’d be happy to give you an indication of price once we know what you’re after!

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