Meet David & Simon: Your Perth Real Estate Buying Agents

Local Perth buying agent near the centre of Perth.

David Snell

Buying Agent

David has enjoyed success and longevity in the real estate industry since 1994, having owned and operated several successful real estate offices. His extensive understanding of the Perth property market means he knows the difference between a good deal and a GREAT deal.


Real estate buying agent Perth northern suburbs.

Simon Neilson

Buying Agent

As a real estate professional based in Perth, I bring over three decades of hands-on experience in real estate, encompassing buying, investing, sub-dividing, renovating, and selling properties. This extensive background translates into significant benefits for my clients. 

I can help you avoid some of the mistakes people make in their real estate journey as success in real estate goes beyond just having a head for numbers and a do-it-all mentality. It’s important that you have a well-informed strategy and the ability to see the bigger picture.  

Benefit from my own personal experience plus the first hand insights from the clients I have assisted to deal with real estate decisions through life’s unexpected twists, such as career changes, relationships, and financial setbacks.  

My transition from a dedicated selling agent with over 12 years of experience provides a unique advantage. I intimately understand the strategies selling agents employ to maximize profits for sellers. This insider knowledge equips me to safeguard your interests as a buyer and give you a competitive edge in the market. 

If you’re in search of a buyer’s agent who can draw from a wealth of personal and professional experiences to guide you effectively, I am here to be your reliable and knowledgeable real estate advisor. 


Our real estate buying guarantee


We will listen to your property requirements, and work diligently to find ‘the one’ that ticks every box on your wish list.


We have comprehensive knowledge of industry regulations, where to buy, what to look out for and how to secure your dream property.


Our longevity in the industry has built strong relationships with fellow real estate professionals.  This is beneficial during negotiation, as other agents know they are dealing with competent industry professionals.


With over 60 combined years working in real estate between us, we are fully knowledgeable in all facets of the real estate industry and Perth property market. 


We are determined to fulfil your brief, possessing unwavering enthusiasm for the industry and a love for matching people with property.


As trustworthy confidants, you can be assured of our confidentiality and respect for privacy in all areas of communication throughout the buying process.

Our Mission

To create exciting, lifelong memories by matching the right property with the right buyer in the right location at the right price.





It pays to have us in your corner

Determined to fulfill your brief, David and Simon are equipped with many years of extensive knowledge of the Perth property market.

Where real estate agents work for the vendor with the goal of getting them the highest selling price, as buyer’s agents we work for the buyer, where our aim is to get you the lowest possible purchase price.

Based on comparable sales and our purchases, our clients often save 7-9% of the property price.

Ready to buy?

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